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We are your locally owned and operated, professional concrete contractor in the Conroe area! We are a locally focused business aimed at exceeding Texas sized expectations for commercial and residential concrete.
Our concrete professionals utilize the most advanced, cutting edge technologies on the market to ensure your project will be completed with a high degree of professionalism, accuracy, and beauty.

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Conroe Concrete Works Services in Tx

New or old, classic or modern, our certified concrete professionals will work with you to find the ideal product for your concrete needs. We strive to be the best concrete company in the Conroe area and we can’t wait to show you!

Conroe Concrete Work use our expertise to turn houses into homes and vacant land into beautiful businesses. Our perfectionism is what sets us apart. We offer complete customer satisfaction on every job, no matter what! Where the Conroe Concrete Works differ from other concrete contractors is in our love for what we do, our concrete practices are tried and true. We are passionate about concrete works and concrete services. Because we are great at it!

Conroe Concrete Work is a team of certified professionals, focused designers, and extraordinary project managers that act out our passion for quality work in every job we do. We always test soil conditions before we pour concrete, and make sure everything is in the ready. We always have high-quality reinforcing steel in all necessary slabs to limit future maintenance, and ensure a quality long lasting concrete structure for years to come. We pay special attention to finish quality to make sure that we will always exceed expectations. Call us for all of your parking lots, patios, floors, and decorative needs around the New Orleans area. We want to be the only source for all your concrete works and your concrete finishing needs. We know this process always starts and ends with you. From the project start, our team of experienced designers will concentrate on your needs and we won’t stop until you have everything you have dreamed of. We can’t wait to show you what we can do for you. Give us a call so we can start working on your project today!


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Concrete driveways

Concrete slabs

Concrete patios

Concrete Repairs

Residential Concrete

The Process

The focus on our work increases after the design is finalized for your new or improved patio sidewalks, driveway, or garage flooring. Conroe Conrete Work take a focused approach to answering each and every one of your questions because we believe that in order for your job to come out just how you dreamed it we need to comprehend exactly what you want and have all of your questions addressed. Just as concrete takes time to cure, it takes time to make the project you want and to do the job to a successful conclusion. We want to be sure that your understanding is clear with all phases of our process, nothing is left to chance.
Once we’ve finished the initial phase of pouring the concrete, the finish will be razor sharp before we allow it to dry correctly making sure our quality materials complete your dream.

If it’s for your home, a new concrete driveway will be the place for family car to stay clean on the way in and out. Conroe Conrete Work know that your finished product created by Conroe Concrete Work will be the ideal beautiful addition. A patio is perfect setting for all your neighbors, friends, and family to enjoy a clean space for entertaining.
If it’s for your business, we promise that your customers and employees will be amazed by your parking lot or magnificent polished concrete floors. We make sure that your customers feel welcomed from the time they pull into the lot. We are the concrete contractors that you need.

Why Choose Us?

We have been operating our concrete contractors business in the North Houston area for years! This is our home, this is the place we love! You can count on us when you need us. Conroe Concrete Work will provide the highest quality concrete at reasonable prices! Our only concern is our customer’s satisfaction and complete satisfaction at that. If you are happy, we know we have done a great job. We aren’t happy until your new concrete dream is exactly like you anticipated. By keeping this mission we have been able to grow our business based mostly off of customer referrals for the past couple of decades. Conroe Concrete Work has so much to offer so call us to learn how we can bring your project to life today! We want to be your concrete contractor for life!

Concroe Concrete Works, Conroe, TX

How We Finish Our Concrete

Spread the concrete – Using a square shovel or a tool called a come-along to push and pull the wet concrete into place.
Screed the concrete – During this step we remove excess concrete in order to grade the surface of the concrete. A screed is then used to level the surface smooth.
Floating – Using a darby or bull float we level swells, fill voids and slightly embed the mix and allow the bleed water to disappear.
Edge the slab – Once all the bleed water has been removed, we round the perimeter of the slab using an edger.
Groove in joints – Using a groover tool we prevent unwanted future cracks by jointing the slab.
Trowelling the surface – If you’re looking for a smooth, hard, clean, dense surface, we use a steel trowel or fresno tool. Textured or decorative finishes can be dragged with a broom finish your concrete.

Concrete Driveway Repair

How do we transform a damaged driveway? Driveways are subjected to a lot of wear and tear. Vehicles come and go and they are exposed to the elements every day. If your driveway has unsightly cracks, broken pieces, sunken areas and oil stains it is likely time to think about having it repaired. Here are some of the options for repairing concrete driveways.

On this project, the concrete driveway was stained and the existing cracks filled and reinforced. This accentuated the existing cracks to achieve a rustic look. Now the driveway looks like leather, which accents the beauty of the home. This project proves that repairing a concrete driveway doesn’t have to mean tearing out the concrete and starting over from the beginning. The professional expertise and a beautiful stain can create a surprising perspective that will improve your home’s curb appeal.

Concrete Driveway Resurfacing

Another option is to overlay your damaged concrete driveway with a super hard and durable concrete coating. This process starts with crack repair and urface preparation and then the application of a permanent overlay coating. The overlay can be colored, stamped or engraved to create the finish of your choice. Think of resurfacing as giving your driveway new life – its a way of having a brand new driveway in the end, without starting over. 

Your driveway can be repaired if it has become uneven due to sunken portions or washout. The concrete can be lifted back into place with a process called slabjacking or sometimes called leveling. There are many ways to accomplish this and the effects are as strong as if the foundation were properly supported upon original installation.

How to Maintain New Concrete

Maintaining You New Concrete
Stop efflorescence. Stained concrete driveways can benefit from a sealer that will help prevent efflorescence, a white powdery residue that can form on the driveway surface.
Stain sealing. Since concrete is porous, it can absorb liquids that get spilled on it. Since your driveway will be subjected to many substances outdoors that can leave unsightly stains sinking into the surface, the right sealer will keep all of these discoloring liquids from penetrating the surface of the concrete and leaving a stains.
Freeze and thaw damage. Freeze and thaw damage can cause cracks in your driveway or flaking on the surface. It is caused by water absorbing into the surface of the concrete and then expanding as it freezes. A sealer protects the surface of the driveway, prohibiting the water from absorbing. Water will bead on the surface of the sealer, that’s how you know is doing its job. When water no longer beads, it is time to reseal your driveway. High traffic areas will likely need resealing more regularly.
In short, a sealer will enhance, beautify and protect your driveway. When properly sealed and maintained the beautiful life of your concrete is greatly extended. Conroe Concrete Work will seal your driveway with the appropriate sealant. A driveway sealer should be applied after your poured concrete is cured. You can be successful waiting as little as 14 days, but the official time for curing is 28 days.

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Concrete driveways are very durable and require minimal maintenance. However, decorative concrete, such as colored or textured concrete, will need to be maintained to continue to look good for years and years.

We thrive on making homes and businesses beautiful. Call us today for a quote on whatever concrete project you have! We are ready to serve and an onsite estimate is always free.

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